Saturday, September 20, 2008

The date is set!

The virtual Fall Tour of Homes will be right here, on Thursday, October 16. Everyone will probably be pretty well decorated for fall and/or Halloween by then. Just leave me a message or a personal message over at Magical Holiday Home and I'll include you! Feel free to take this picture and use it on your blog...I'm trying to figure out how to make it a logo, but we may just have to use it like this for this year.

This is going to be fun! Be sure to jump in...just take pictures of your home decorated for fall and post them on your blog the day of the tour. Then, I'll link all the bloggers who have left me a message to mine, VIOLA! a home tour!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Virtual Fall Tour of Homes

If you want to participate in this, just leave me a message on this or any upcoming posts and give me a link. Then, on the designated date, I'll post the links to your blog, and you post pictures that everyone can "tour"! Fun, huh?? I'm working on a little logo to post, so be watching!

I have a poll up over at Magical Holiday Home, so if you have an opinion about the date, hop over there and vote! It's looking like the majority are voting for mid-October, mostly so that we can showcase our Halloween decor, as well! The poll closes Sunday, September 14, so get going!

I'll post the date here Monday, September 15!!

I guess I'd better get busy decorating! Don't want to be left out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's a few little crafty items I've been working on...nothing earth-shattering, but it's kept me off the streets!

I had a bunch of gold and silver metallic cones that I'd purchased from the Dollar Tree, with every intention of using them on a Victorian tree...and I still plan to do that sometime. But after making a few cones from a Gooseberry Patch pattern using scrapbook paper, I thought about those and how cute they would be in some cute I took one apart and made a new, smaller pattern with the sweet little star on top. Then I found some leftover goldish colored paper and those sunflower stickers in my paper craft box, and VIOLA!! A fall looking cone for hanging on a fall tree or to present full of Harvest Yummies!

Then, I got the idea to do one to look like a candy corn...

Then, inspiration struck again...and a candy corn banner was born!

And, finally, here's my favorite one so far....just a simple little Autumn banner, hung on my corner china cabinet, with fall leaves and raffia....

And my early fall centerpiece...the glass pumpkin will soon hold candy corn (the real stuff) if I ever remember to buy it at the store!

Notice the cut out leaf table runner? End of the fall special at Kirklands last year...$5! Whoo hoo! I wish it was a different color-say a deep pumpkin-but, hey-$5!! I'll live with it!

And what, you may be asking, are Harvest Yummies? My name for a very simple snack mix of salted peanuts and candy corn! I keep a jar of it made all fall long..and for fall parties I've been known to pack it into waffle ice cream cones and wrap it up with plastic wrap and curling ribbons and put them in a pretty bowl or basket for take home favors.

So that's what I've been up to lately! And you?

Happy Haunting!