Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spooky Jack O Lanterns and a Good Night!

The boys carved their own jack o lanterns this year...I helped with the lids, and they did the rest. We roasted the seeds and ate them all! They were nice big, plump seeds and so crunchy and good. I always love freshly roasted pumpkin seeds.

Here's Benjie cleaning out his pumpkin....

And here's the spooky result:
Count Spook-yala!

Here's Jonah carefully working on his...

And the masterpiece!
Jonah named his "Spookily"

We had a grand time trick or treating with our friends the Smecks...unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that night! We ate chili, Mexican chicken stew, cheese dip, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Yum! Our favorite Halloween menu! We've trick or treated together for at least 9 years now!
I hope you've enjoyed the Haunted Hamlet this fall. It'll be going to bed now, but there will be periodic posts on Great Pumpkin Day, which is the 30th of each month. After all, we do have Boo!Bash3 to plan! Don't forget to check out Scarecrow Soup for all of the November doings of the Miller clan!!
Happy Haunting!

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