Monday, April 7, 2008

BooBash2! plans

Here are some really tentative ideas we have for the party. Feel free to chime in with thoughts and ideas, tips or recipes!

I've spent some time thinking about the menu this year. Last year we did a dessert buffet, potluck style, and it worked ok. There were a ton of desserts, mostly uneaten. This year, we're going to include hot dogs and chili, chips, cheesedip and s'mores. I think we'll still do a little potlucking, just because of the sheer volume of food we'll need. I'm thinking I'll starting buying those 5 pound rolls of ground beef in September and stash them in the big freezer until we need them. Chili freezes well, so I may schedule a day just for chili making in early October then freeze the finished product. Then on party day, I'll just defrost the bags of chili and pop them in crock pots to stay warm. We'll roast the hot dogs over the fire, but I may microwave a few too, just for those who don't care for roasted ones. Weirdos.

So, here's the menu as of now!
*Hot dogs
*tortilla chips and cheese dip
*Fritos (for chili pie or just snacking)
*Various desserts, including s'mores
*drinks-the usual hot and cold assortment with iced tea, cold lemon cider (a big hit last year), hot apple cider, hot chocolate station (another hit) and various canned or bottled soft drinks in ice water.

I loved the decor last year, and plan to go the same route this year...homegrown pumpkins, gourds and hay is hard to beat for Halloween decorations!

I'm hoping my brother Mark can bring the tractor and trailer again for another hay ride...the kids LOVED it. They were freezing when they got back and all gathered around the fire to warm up and tell everyone about the hayride! Fun stuff!

Well! Look at me! My Great Pumpkin Day planning is done for April! And on the 7th at that!

I think on the 13th I'll work on some favors to give out to guests at the party...or to give out to trick or treaters...I do have a huge garbage bag full of toilet paper you're curious, aren't'll just have to wait and see...baawhaaaa....

Here's a reminder of how it looked last year...


Carrie said...

Sounds like a yummy menu!!

jackfrosty said...

Awwww, Cathy! Now I need a snack!!!

Ginger said...

BooBash2...I gotta add a 2 to mine now also...Last year was our first one and I decided to just call it BooBash again...but adding the number will help me keep track of it over the years...super idea!!