Thursday, April 17, 2008


Around the first of June I'd like to plant our pumpkins. Last year we waited later and we had a green pumpkin patch right in the middle of the Boo!Bash! It was ok, but this year I would like for them to be ripe, harvested and the vines out of the way for the party. Mark brought orange and white pumpkins from the farm, so we had plenty of carving pumpkins, but I am trying to plan things a little better this year.

I love to watch pumpkins growing. It seems like they grow by leaps and bounds, then turn orange overnight. I'm going to try to find some of the seeds for giants this year, and let each boy have a giant pumpkin to claim as their own. I think every kid should have a chance to grow their own jack o lanterns!

When my nephew Wade was little, he grew gourds. He tended them and watered them, trained them to grow on the fence, then picked and dried them. His mom, Debora, painted some of them to look like Santas, witches and some other cute things. I would like to have some of those this year, too.

Good thing I got my GPD planning done early...I had to do taxes on the 13th this THAT was scary!!

Here's a picture of the entrance to the Boo!Bash! last year!



Ginger said...

Love your party plans and pics...its getting me thinking!!!

Jessica said...

Since you guys grow pumpkins frequently, can one be grown in a pot? I'm doubting that it can since it needs to vine and such, but thought I would ask anyway. I started my son a pumpkin plant and just transferred it to a medium size pot. I plan on putting it in the ground when it gets bigger.

Cathy Miller said...

Jessica-I don't know if you can grow pumpkins in pots or not, but it won't hurt to try! Let me know how it goes! My brother is the main pumpkin planter in our family...he grows about 3-5 acres of them every year. Such fun!!

Pippi said...

Cathy, you've got me so siked up about growing my own pumpkins!!!! PROBLEM: I don't know how. I definitely have the room, just don't know where to start, how to tend to them, etc. Can you offer some advice?


Pippi said...

...see how insane I am. LOL I mean "psyched". Thanks!