Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's This Thursday!

It's this Thursday, October 16! I chose that date because it's a significant one to me and I can remember it! I'll be posting links here for you to visit others' beautifully decorated fall homes! I am very excited about this...and if you want to participate, here's how you can do it! It's not too late!

*Leave me a message on this post and give me the link to your blog.
*Take the logo above and on Thursday, post it and pictures of your fall decorations-inside, outside or both-on your blog.
*Thursday morning I'll post all the links and we've got ourselves a virtual tour of homes!!

And yes, you may use pictures from last year or any other year that you choose. You can show strictly fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving or a combo of all of it...whatever you like!

I am so excited about this! I hope you will leave me your link and join in the fun. Even if you choose not to participate by posting pictures, come back Thursday and see the way everyone has decorated their homes for the harvest season.

By the way...we'll be doing this in mid-December too for Christmas decorations...details of that will be coming soon on Pumpkins and Reindeer.


starflake said...

Thanks for organizing this, Cathy. Please count me as one of the participants!

My tour post is ready and scheduled to go live Thursday morning on my Autumn Harvest blog. :)

LBP said...

I will get mine up by Thursday.

This will be so much fun.


Natalie Meester said...

I will be ready. Thanks for doing this.

Jessica said...

I left my link in your previous post in regards to the Fall Homes Tour. :)

Cathi said...

Although I don't have a Fall blog, like I said in my MHH post, I am changing my blog to include all my interests. Having a deadline will force me to 'git r done'. So count me in... I will send you my new blog name by Wednesday night. And if I don't it will be

Carrie said...

I should be ready... count me in!

Cathi said...

Okay, Cathy, here is my new blog address.

I am having trouble figuring out how to schedule it. I have the post written and saved to draft and will just publish it in the morning. If you or starflake could give me a hint on how to schedule...I swear I thought I had seen it before but am coming up blank this evening.