Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Great Pumpkin Day!

Only 2 more until the Big Day!! Wow! Gotta get going!

Today's agenda is to work on those invitations! After making a guest list, I realize that hand-crafted cards with vintage appeal for 100 people is not going to happen! I would need about 30 or so invitations, but still waaaayyyy out of my area of expertise, not to mention patience! So, it's back to the Word document/Office Depot idea. But that's'll be cute!

Over at MHH's forums, we've got a discussion going on fall decorating. Check out the great ideas those folks have for a festive fall home.

I am planning on hosting on this blog a virtual Fall/Halloween decoration tour of homes! Won't that be fun? I'll set a date, around the end of October, probably, and link the blogs of everyone who wants to participate to this one. Fun, huh? This idea came out of a forum discussion at MHH, but it's not limited to members. If you want to participate, keep your eyes peeled for the date to send me the links and a photo, and I'll set you up! (We'll also be doing this on Pumpkins and Reindeer for Christmas!)

This is from an old magazine (Good Housekeeping, 2004!) and this is exactly how I'd like my outside doors to look for the party! Isn't it beautiful?
Have a great Great Pumpkin Day!
Happy Haunting!


LBP said...

Hello Fellow Halloweener! I followed you here from MHH and would like to know more about your Boo Bash. We have been kicking around the idea of a Halloween party but all of our kids are teens who get sooooo bored! LOL! So I'm not sure if that will materialize or not.

BTW, I'm ChristmasCheerleader at MHH!

Cathy Miller said...

Hey, Linda! Thanks for visiting the Hamlet! Keep your eyes peeled here...all the details will be here! Also, over at MHH I have a thread going in Great Pumpkin Day forum to discuss the party! Check it out there and visit here often!

starflake said...

I love your front door inspiration. It's simple and elegant.