Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A (Vintage style) Banner Day!

I got the idea the other day to make a vintage style pennant banner for the Boo!Bash2 decorations. So, I got into my paper crafts box, dug around a little and here's what I found that I thought I might could use:

Orange and black construction paper, with an old fashioned feel to it..sort of faded looking, not bright orange and black-black, but like it was old and had been around a while. I actually think it's because it's cheap construction paper, but hey-whatever works!

I also had some black stick on letters..some silver cupcake liners, and a glue stick!

So, I made a pattern that looked about the size I wanted the pennants to be, and got busy....

I made some black ones and embellished them with orange...

And some orange ones, embellished with black!

And here's the final result! I want to foofify it with some raffia and orange ribbon, but this is the basic banner! And, yes, the "b"s are missing...I tore one and glittered the other before we (Benjie and I) decided we didn't like the silver glitter on the silver cups...so I have to get two more "b"s. But, what do you think otherwise? You really can't tell from the picture, but the bottom of the top piece and the top of the bottom piece are fringed a little...they really stand out in person, but it didn't photograph well.

Not bad for an hour's work and on-hand supplies, huh? By the way, it says Boo!Bash. I may add another pennant on the end and put a 2 on it, but probably I'll just leave it like it is and re-use it every year! I really like the way it looks!

What do YOU think about it?

Happy Haunting!



Aggy said...

All I can say is GENIOUS!

LBP said...

Really, really cute!



(christmascheerleader at mhh)!

Leann said...

Check out this blog - great ideas similar to what you do.