Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Boo!Bash2 pics!

This just in! More Boo!Bash2 pictures!

This was hysterical...and the runners-up in the couples costume contest (Mummies and Daddies division!)...a hunter and a white tail deer, complete with the white tail!!

And, the winner in the couples division...the newest bride and groom! This is my brother Mark and his new wife, Laura! Congratulations on winning, the contest and each other!! What a way to spend your honeymoon!!

The prettiest witch I've ever seen! And a pretty good looking shepherd, complete with lamb! Sorry this is so dark...

The Whoopie Cushion won the individual costume contest...but the sock monkey was a riot!! Too funny!!

Hannah, Billy Ray and Ellie May!!
The Flintstones (see below) won the group award, and Jacob (the younger Joker) won the Teenage Werewolf division. Thanks again to everyone who came and dressed up, and a special thanks to Mom and Dana (aka Grandmother Joker and Ellie May) for sending the pictures I missed!!
Boo!Bash3 is already in the works! Planned for the Saturday before Halloween, it is going to be bigger and better than ever!! Mark your 2009 calendars! (Stop laughing, Michael, or I'll tell everyone that you are Fred Flintstone! )
I'll post pictures from Halloween night this weekend!
Happy Haunting!!


Carrie said...

How very fun!! Great pics... great costumes!

Carrie said...

Happy Great Pumpkin Day!